K-8 Science Shows and Interactive Workshops engage and captivate your students in a fun and exciting experience.

"Voted the number one science performance for three consecutive years by the West Suburban Creative Arts Council Membership."

Making Science & Technology Fun

Techsploration programs are designed to introduce students to technology, science, and engineering in a fun and exciting way.

Techsploration uses a wide variety of methods – huge props, slides, juggling, and even balloon tying – mixed with lots of humor, to teach technological and scientific concepts. In addition to being fun, the activities are highly educational. They reinforce the school’s curriculum, illustrate how concepts are applied to real life situations, and incorporate state standards.

A Great Kickoff for a Science, Technology, Engineering or STEM Program

Available for Greater Boston and New Hampshire Schools.

45 min. to 1 hr. presentations on a specific science and technology area.
• Given to large or small groups in an auditorium or gym setting.
• Can be a stand alone program or followed by individual Classroom Workshops.

Workshops typically last 45 min. to 1 hr.
• Students build a variety of fun projects that allow them to experiment with a topic.
• In small groups and individually, students brainstorm ideas, build prototypes, and test ideas.
• Workshops include follow-up worksheets to further a student's exploration of a topic.
• Because of the hands-on nature of workshops the size is limited to approximately 30 students.