“Our class loved your presentation and talked about it all day!  It really got them thinking.  Thanks so much for a super hour.”

Ms. Van Dyke, teacher
Washington St. School
Penacook, NH

“The workshop was wonderful – well organized + ample supplies / tools.  The presenter’s energy and enthusiasm really motivated all.” 
Ms. Niskahen, teacher

Wilkins Elementary School
Amherst, NH

From Fiske Family Bulletin December 15, 2000
Letter from the Principal:

”  This week I watched Tom Wahle from Techsploration.  As he helped students investigate concepts in sound, flight, structures, simple machines, weather, and design, His strong scientific knowledge base was evident.  Yet what made him outstanding wasn’t the fact that he knew that sound is invisible and travels in waves, or that a body in motion tends to stay in motion, ot that forces work on a structure in two ways: compression and tension, or that simple machines help us do work by trading distance for effort, or that air has weight so it also exerts pressure, or that moving air is less dense than non-moving air.  He clearly knew all that, but what made him outstanding was the way he was able to communicate that knowledge base to our children.
     Tom Wahle had a solid understanding of children and knew how to motivate and captivate them.  He was able to design creative lessons to teach desired concepts that fascinated children and adults.  His instructional repertoire was vast.  He used song, props, humor, costume and technology to help convey information.  He knew how to make connections for students, and how to involve them in learning.  There are many people who probably have the same amount of science content knowledge that Tom Wahle has, and many may even have more knowledge.  But,  what they may not have is that special gift of being able to teach.”
                                                               Elaine Harold, Pricipal
                                                   Fiske Elementary School
Wellesley, MA