Q:  How do Techsploration Shows and Workshops typically work?

Tom Wahle:  Normally I will first present one large group assembly program.  This introduces the students to science and technology concepts in a fun and exciting way.  This is then followed by individual classroom workshops where the students can try out their own problem solving skills.  Both the presentations and the workshops are 45 min. to 1 hr. long so a half day can be a presentation and up to 2 workshops and a full day can be a presentation and up to 4 workshops.

This is a typical program but they can be tailored to the needs of the school.  We can do a single show only or only workshops.

Q:  What area does Techsploration cover?

Tom Wahle:  Currently we cover southern and central New Hampshire and the greater Boston Massachusetts area.  We will occasionally travel to other areas.



Q:  What does the school need to supply for a Techsploration Show?

Tom Wahle:  The school needs to supply a room large enough for all the students.  A tall ceiling helps, so a gym , cafeteria, or auditorium works great.

I bring lots of props so I need a stage area at least 20′ x 15′.

One electric outlet near the stage area is required.

I bring everything else I need for the presentations including my own sound system.   The only exception is that for the Electricity show and the Weather shows I will need two tables on the stage area.  These can be 6′ or 8′ tables

Q:  How many students can attend a Techsploration Show?

Tom Wahle:  Techsploration Shows are typically presented in a large auditorium or gym.  So, the capacity of the room determines the capacity of the show.  The only limitation is how well the students can see the show.  I have found that up to about 250 students in a gym setting works well.  A raised stage makes it easier for the students to see so the number can be higher.

Q:  Is there audience participation?

Tom Wahle:  Yes! Audience participation is part of the fun.  Each of the Techsploration Shows requires a great deal of help from student volunteers.  We also sometimes require the help of teachers up on stage.  If this is the case we try to make arrangements with the teacher before the show.


Q:  What does the school need to supply for a Techsploration Workshop?

Tom Wahle:  A regular classroom is a sufficient space for a workshop.  Tables or cleared desks, arranged in groups, are needed as student workspace.  Access to several electrical outlets are also needed.  If several workshops are being presented consecutively it is recommended that one dedicated room be provided as opposed to having the workshop travel to the individual rooms.  The time needed to break down and then reset up the equipment would substantially cut down on the time the students have to work or the number of workshops that can be presented in one day.

I supply most everything that is needed for a class of up to 30 students. Some of the workshops may require some simple supplies such as scrap paper, scissors and tape.

Q:  Are worksheets provided for student use during workshops?

Tom Wahle:  I will send master copies of worksheets for each workshop.  These will need to be copied so that each student or team will have a copy for the workshop.  The students will fill out the results section on the worksheets during the workshop and then use grade appropriate math skills to complete the rest of the sheet with their teacher.

Q:  How many students can attend a Techsploration Workshop?

The size of a workshop is limited to about 30 students due to the hands-on nature of the activities.


Q:  What is the cost of Techsploration Programs?

Tom Wahle:  Fees for either the Techsploration Shows or Workshops can be viewed on our pricing page.